Intensive In-Home Therapy

Intensive In-Home Therapy (IIH) – This enhanced therapy service is provided to clients aged 5-18 years old who are battling a mental health disorder and are experiencing impaired functioning at home, in the community, and/or at school. Structured as a 3 person team and consisting of a licensed clinician/Team Lead and two Qualified Professionals, the IIH team works collaboratively with the child, family, school, and all other vested stakeholders to promote healthy functioning, utilization of efficacious coping skills, preventing crises within the child’s/family’s life domains, and preventing out-of-home placement of the child. This service is ideal for clients aged 5-18 years old who have previously engaged in outpatient therapy and have a history of out-of-home placements to locales such as inpatient/residential mental health facilities, detention centers, and/or foster care. However, the aforementioned data is not required criteria for acceptance into IIH services. Services are approved for clients on a case by case basis. Please note, only Medicaid or uninsured consumers can engage in IIH treatment at Vision Behavioral Health Services, LLC.

In-Home Therapy Service is a time-limited team approach combining intense therapeutic care with targeted case management to increase the community connections needed to support the child within the home. This service will address identified needs of  the child/adolescent with an emotional, behavioral, and/or substance use problems that is currently causing negative consequences to their functioning in the home, school, and/or community.